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“We offer anger management program that is tailored to the unique needs and life situations of each client”

Are you having difficulty controlling your anger?

Is it affecting your relationships or your work?

Difficulty controlling anger can have serious effects on your work and family life as well as physical health. Problematic anger is an affect regulation disorder that affect our moods, cognition and behavior.

At Tremblay Counselling, we recognize that anger is not simply a result of incorrect thinking to stress. Rather, we view anger as a secondary feeling to more primary feelings and beliefs that need to be addressed and processed.  Often, those with anger issues also have traumatic events in their lives that continue to manifest through anger, as over-reactions to day to day stress.

Our approach is to assist clients to learn the origins of their anger and to reprocess those experiences that impact the now.  Once done, clients are in a much better position to truly change their present thoughts, feelings and behavior.  In this way, change is long-term.

From our approach, strategies and techniques taught, take into account your entire life that has impacted your well-being today.  As such, the techniques and strategies are meaningful and become natural.  We offer anger management  that is tailored to the unique needs and life situations .

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