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My name is Micheal Tremblay and I`m a Masters Level Registered Social Worker  in downtown Timmins, Ontario.  I provide psychotherapy for all age groups, marriage counselling and EMDR therapy services for adults, children , teenagers and families. In addition to helping you cope with anger, anxiety, depression and abuse, I also specialize in grief, trauma and motor vehicle accident counselling. You can book your session by calling 705-268-7162. If you are from out of town, call me at 1-888-668-7162.  Another option is to email me at

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About Micheal Tremblay, MSW, RSW

Micheal Tremblay MSW, RSW, is a Registered Social Worker with over 15 years of clinical experience in the mental health field. He has over 15 years of managing his private practice.
He holds a B.A. in Psychology and Philosophy as well as a Masters of Social Work… Learn more about Micheal Tremblay



individual counselling


We provide individual counselling in Timmins, Ontario for life issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and anger.  As your counsellor and therapist, Mr. Tremblay can help you through life transitions. He can help you release blockages to allow you to regain your peace of mind and emotional well-being. Learn more…


couple counselling


Couple and marriage therapy is very helpful if you suffer with couple relationship conflict . Betrayal, separation or loss of desire with your partner are other forms of relationship problems you may have in your couple.. As your couples and marriage counsellor, I can help you to improve communication, regain friendship and rediscover intimacy. Learn more…


family counselling


Family therapy is another service offered through Tremblay Counselling to help smooth out communication barriers and obstacles.  Mr. Tremblay is  available to support you & your family. He can help solve family parenting problems and help bring happiness and harmony in your family unit. Promoting healthy living and an excellent quality of life for you and your family is our priority.  Read more…




EMDR  has become one of the most widely used and recognized treatments for PTSD.  EMDR can be used to resolve symptoms related to many issues. Here are some examples of forms of abuse in childhood or adulthood that can be assisted through EMDR. Grief and loss, anxiety disorders, depression, car accidents, victims of crime low self esteem, self loathing, bullying and workplace injustices can all benefit with EMDR.. Read more…







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