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Family counselling is based upon the belief that each member of a family is highly influenced by interactions with the other members of the family unit. All families will come upon a variety of challenges in their life as its members grow and develop. Most of the time, families can adapt well to whatever life throws at them. However, sometimes growing pains become serious and the family unit is immobilized by stress. Family counselling can result in deep and long lasting changes for each member of the family and for the family unit.

Family therapy at Tremblay Counselling can help to facilitate communication between members of the family and to develop strategies to reduce conflict at home. Developing understanding between parents and children is another invaluable effect of family counselling. During difficult life transitions such as divorce and remarriage, family therapy can be the bridge towards better understanding and better daily interactions.

Whether your family is going through major changes or whether it is suffering from growing pains, family therapy can really bring entire families together to understand how each member contributes to the whole. Therapy not only deals with difficulties you may be experiencing but also builds on your family’s strengths and helps identify conflicts and set specific goals for solving them.

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